About us

We are the leading enabler of logistics-as-a-service solutions for businesses

Our technology connects businesses to a crowdsourced delivery fleet, enabling delivery in 1-hour timeslots within metropolitan cities.
We are proud to count close to a 1000 brands (including some of the largest names in retail) as our customers.

"It's a very simple and easy-to-use software, which saves our staff time when they are scheduling deliveries for our customers."

Daniel Morris,
E-commerce and Marketing Manager at Case Luggage
"Brisqq was born out of a desire to reinvent a fragmented and broken local delivery market. Retailers (and other businesses) needing precise local delivery had little choice but to look to a pool of options, each one worse than the other. When they found a service, it usually lacked precision, was expensive and slow. There was no one single go-to. We are working relentlessly to become that go-to in every metropolitan city around the world."

Andrew, Founder and CEO of Brisqq


To take the hassle out of delivery within cities for every business


To become the go-to in metropolitan cities worldwide when it comes to local logistics


To give our customers the most seamless delivery experience imaginable

Our leadership team

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