DPD Delivery: Is It Worth It for Your Deliveries in London? [+ 3 Alternatives]

DPD Delivery: Is It Worth It for Your Deliveries in London? [+ 3 Alternatives]

Here is our complete review of DPD Delivery in London.

In this post you’ll see:

  • How DPD delivery works in London
  • What DPD courier does well
  • What DPD courier doesn’t do well
  • Our opinion of DPD’s next-day and same-day delivery
  • Whether DPD delivery is worth the monthly fee
  • 3 Alternatives if you’re looking to switch from DPD

Let’s get started.

What Is DPD Delivery?

DPD is one of the UK’s largest delivery service providers that specialises in next-day parcel delivery, but other services such as international & e-commerce delivery, and logistics solutions.

The DPD Group operates in 31 countries around the world and works with affiliates like SEUR, Chronopost, BRT, and Jadlog. This is how DPD employs 120,000 people that deliver 8.4 million parcels each day.

DPD Delivery Services Overview


When it comes to its UK and London delivery services, DPD has three main offers:

DPD 10:30 & DPD 12:00

This is DPD’s express next day delivery service. The company will ship parcels overnight and deliver them by 10:30 AM or noon the following day.

DPD Next Day

This is a another version of DPD next day delivery. The company will deliver parcels before the end of business the following work day in the UK.

DPD Saturday & Sunday Delivery

DPD offers both 10:30 & 12:00 and Next Day delivery on Saturdays and Sundays nationwide, if you choose this option.

Those are the main services.

But DPD has other ways for you to send parcels from the UK to another country:

DPD Shipping to the EU

Despite Brexit, DPD continues to deliver to countries in the European Union. As part of the service DPD takes care of customs formalities but you’ll have to declare additional information about the parcel. Click this link for more information.

DPD International Shipping

DPD provides international delivery services to more than 200 countries around the world via DPD Classic, Air Classic & Air Express, and DPD Direct. And there’s a search box on their site where you can find more information about delivery to a specific destination:

And a host of other parcel collection and delivery services. These include:

DPD Swap It

A one-for-one goods exchange delivery service that’s ideal for parts or equipment returns and swaps, especially when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

DPD Reverse It

A reverse logistics service that’s a way for businesses to move goods from one store or site to another.

DPD ContractPak

A way for businesses and individuals to send, deliver, and receive signed contracts and other documents.

DPD Offshore

Specialized delivery services to offshore destinations in the UK, including to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, and the Scottish Highlands.

DPD Logistics Solutions

A full third-party logistics service that provides companies with a complete warehousing and distribution solution.

DPD Fulfillment

A complete order fulfillment service for companies throughout the UK that lets you outsource storage, delivery, and stock management to DPD.

How to Send a Parcel in London with DPD?

There are two ways you can send parcels with DPD.

To send a parcel right now, click this link.

It will take you to a dedicated website for one-off deliveries:


This is where you can enter delivery details to receive a quote from DPD.

For example, we’ve selected a delivery of a 2 kg parcel from Westminster Abbey to the Houses of Parliament. And we were given two options, Drop Off 2 From (2 choices) and Next Day 3 FROM (3 choices):


You also have the option to send multiple parcels at once:


Your second option is to create a MyDPD account:


This is ideal for SMBs and large businesses that frequently deliver more than 15 parcels per week.

Having a DPD My Parcel account comes with several benefits like:

  • Delivery reports
  • Diagnostics
  • Access to multiple shipping options
  • Access to DPD depots
  • Bulk delivery upload
  • API Integration with other apps
  • Pick up returns
  • And more

How much does it cost to deliver with DPD?

This is the DPD pricing for it’s services in the UK:


When it comes to our example delivery in London:


Drop Off 2 From is the cheapest option at £3.59 (with VAT). With this option, DPD will collect the parcel and deliver it to one of its stores that’s closest to the destination where you need it to go.

The cheapest option for actual delivery to a recipient was the Door 2 Door Next Day Delivery, which would cost us £9.59 (with VAT) for a parcel up to 5kg.

The fastest way to deliver a parcel was with Door 2 Door By 10:30, which would cost us £21.59 (with VAT).

The same prices apply for MyDPD account holders. But DPD does provide amenities for long-term accounts.

DPD Delivery: Things We Like

First, let us cover some of the highlights that we found attractive during this DPD review.

Text & Email Notifications

DPD timed delivery includes customer notifications. This includes text message alerts:


And email notifications:


Both types of notifications are personalized and initiated on the day of delivery.

The email notification also includes the DPD tracked parcel link.

And the date and time of delivery.

If a customer isn’t satisfied with the time of delivery, they can:

  • Change the delivery date
  • Ask DPD to deliver to a neighbor
  • Ask DPD to deliver to a safe place
  • Collect from a DPD Pickup Shop

This is free to all DPD customers.

Pick up from a DPD Shop

DPD has a well-established network of Pickup Shops across the UK.

For example, these are the locations of DPD shops across London:


This makes it easier for DPD couriers to pick-up orders for delivery from you.

And it also allows you to offer click & collect delivery to your customers.

Extended Liability

DPD offers free liability or replaces the parcel value on all deliveries up to £700.

But if the value exceeds this price, DPD also offers an extended liability up to £500,000.

This will be charged 1% of the parcel’s value, or from £7 to £5,000.

DPD Delivery: Things We Don’t Like

No Same-Day Delivery

DPD doesn’t provide same-day delivery!

This is a HUGE problem. Especially for deliveries in London.

The fastest delivery option on offer is their DPD by 10:30 delivery.

But this will only deliver your parcel by 10:30 AM the next day.


DPD delivery isn’t cheap.

Especially if you’re looking to deliver goods to customers quickly.

While their most affordable option is just £3.59 (with VAT), it will only deliver the parcel to the nearest pickup shop to the destination.

On the other hand, their fastest delivery option - DPD by 10:30 - will cost you £21.59.

Which isn’t very affordable when you have to fulfill several orders each day.

Offshore Shipping

One of the strangest DPD policies is the inclusion of the Scottish Highlands into their Offshore Shipping region.

People in the Scottish Highlands are not offshore.

Yet, DPD prices these deliveries significantly higher.

Even if the distance a DPD courier has to travel is the same as in other parts of the UK.

In fact, this problem was even featured on an episode of Channel 4’s Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, where the comedian probed this company policy.

So if you’re looking to deliver something North, you or your customers should plan for the extra charge.

3 Best Alternative Delivery Services to DPD in London

#1 Brisqq


Brisqq is a courier delivery service that’s based in London. We specialize in same-day delivery. This makes us a top choice for businesses (B2C + B2B) that want to deliver goods to customers within the London Metro Area.

Brisqq services include:

  • Same-day delivery
  • Next-day + future-date delivery
  • Multi-drop delivery

What sets us apart from DPD (and all other delivery and courier services) is our technology.

Brisqq doesn’t rely on a typical booking platform.

Instead, our customers get access to the Brisqq platform where you can book, schedule, and plan all of your deliveries:


Or let customers self-book with one-hour delivery timeslots:


Track orders live and on the map:


Receive status updates and reports (including Proof of Delivery):


And set up custom notifications (SMS and Emails with tracking links):


Plus, you can download the Brisqq app for free that’s available for iOS and Android.

The platform works for both in-store and e-commerce delivery in London.

Thanks to API Integration, our customers can set up a delivery from their store (at checkout on your website).

Or integrate with a major e-commerce platform like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce.


This enables any type of business in London to:

  • Provide delivery to all customers
  • Capitalize on showrooming
  • Streamline sales from purchase to drop-off

How much does it cost to deliver with Brisqq?

Brisqq pricing starts at £7.90 per delivery (without VAT).

Which you can pay per delivery (via debit or credit card).

Or at the end of the month via invoice through your account.

Cancellations are free within 15 minutes following a delivery booking.

And 60 minutes before pick up, or 2 hours before a multi-drop delivery.

#2 Gophr


Gophr is another courier delivery service based in London that offers same-day delivery.

Like DPD, Gophr provides nationwide delivery with 9000+ signed up couriers.

And a network of 25+ hubs all across the UK:


Gophr also has a long-term partnership with Parcelly.

This gives them access to an additional 2,500 hyper-local storage locations:


That reduces the distance to drop-off sites and Gopher’s time per delivery.

Gophr relies on a more advanced delivery booking platform than DPD:


(But their ETAs can sometimes be inaccurate and unreliable.)

To learn more, please read our full review of Gophr couriers.

Gophr’s service list includes:

  • Hiring couriers per delivery
  • Creating a business account
  • Enterprise level delivery solutions

While Gophr’s fleet and logistics network allows them to offer specialized solutions:

  • Refrigerated delivery
  • Airport pickups and drop-offs
  • Large and heavy parcel delivery
  • Hot food delivery with thermal bags
  • And more

For additional support, Gophr assigns a dedicated account manager to business and enterprise clients.

And you always have the option to contact the courier directly.

(In case something unexpected happens)

How much does it cost to deliver with Gophr?

Gophr pricing starts at £4.50 per delivery (without VAT).

But the price will depend on the size of the delivery and type of vehicle you choose.


You can get a quick quote on their website:

So, for example, a parcel 45 x 45 x 45 cm delivered via bicycle in London will cost £4.50 (without VAT).

#3 CitySprint


CitySprint is both a courier delivery service and a third-party logistics provider (3PL).

CitySprint operates nationwide with 5000+ couriers and 35 local service centers in the UK:


This delivery company also has 8 local centers in the Greater London area:


Thanks to its affiliates, CitySprint also provides international delivery services to the EU.

Also like DPD, it delivers parcels on Saturdays and Sundays.

But unlike DPD, they too provide same-day delivery in London.

CitySprint’s extended offer includes 15+ services spread across three groups:


CitySprint has an online booking platform. But it’s much simpler than other entries on this list:


This courier service is also very committed to sustainable delivery and green logistics.

That’s why CitySprint has a dedicated green fleet, equipped with special cargo bikes. But also electric motorbikes and vans, and even hydrogen vans:


For more information about CitySprint, please read out complete CitySprint Review.

How much does it cost to deliver with City Sprint?

CitySprint delivery starts from £14.26 (without VAT).

This can sometimes include a surcharge or additional fees:

That means CitySprint pricing is within the same range as DPD.

But with same-day delivery you get greater delivery speed.

The Bottom Line: Our DPD Review

DPD is one of the biggest names in the delivery and courier services industry in the United Kingdom. This makes them a suitable choice for nationwide delivery, especially when you compare them to other similar companies like Royal Mail.

DPD also provides customers with industry-standard features such as parcel tracking and customer notifications. But if you’re running a business in London, you’ll be at a loss.

In most cases, you’ll probably only use 10-15% of the DPD services on offer. And at a higher price for less value than the alternatives in this article.

That’s why Brisqq, Gophr, and CitySprint are featured here.

All three companies have more to offer than DPD. And if you’re looking for an alternative courier and delivery service that’s fast and reliable, you may as well try one of them to replace DPD.


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