Let Customers Book Deliveries in London with Brisqq

Let Customers Book Deliveries in London with Brisqq

There’s a better way to book deliveries in London.

That lets your customers book deliveries on your website or ecommerce platform.

Instead of going through the hassle of booking it yourself.

In fact, letting customers self-book deliveries is:

More convenient for them.

Easier for you.

And helps you to get more money into your pocket.


With Brisqq E-Commerce.

So in this article, we explain how Brisqq can enable your business to provide online delivery booking to their customers directly on YOUR e-commerce store.

Let’s begin.

Why Letting Customers Self-Book Deliveries Should Be Your #1 Goal?

Delivery in the UK is booming.

In fact, the current value of e-commerce web sales in the UK is estimated to be 46.2 billion GBP.

And the biggest percentage of those deliveries happen in London.

That is to say, 47.2% of the total market size in the UK.

And who benefits the most from all of those bookings?

Businesses in London.

But building an agile delivery from scratch costs capital.

That’s where courier service providers come into play.

And companies like Brisqq.

We provide a courier network in London for businesses that don’t have the means to develop their own delivery service.

And that enables you to start delivering goods to your customers’ doorstep.

Which raises your profits by 56%.

So the math on this is clear.

Delivery = Profit.


If your customers can’t book a delivery at checkout, your delivery ISN’T CONVENIENT.

And an inconvenient delivery booking can lead to frustration.

Which, in turn, may lead your customers to abandon their shopping carts at checkout.

That’s because actually:

Convenience = Delivery = Profit.


To create the best online shopping experience for your customers, you need to allow them to book a delivery on your webstore.

So, you need a courier service that can both handle deliveries in London.

And enable your customers to book those deliveries.

That’s why Brisqq is the ideal partner for you.

Still, we’re not the only courier service in London.


Why You Shouldn’t Use Just Any Courier Service in London?

Are you looking at various courier services in London?

Or maybe you’re already using someone?

Do you let Addison Lee deliver your orders in London?

Here’s an article that explains why they might not be the best solution for your business.

Are you relying on CitySprint? Here are three better companies you can use instead.

And how does Gophr stack up? Here’s a review of Gophr courier services, as well.

Or you may be still using DPD Delivery? But is it worth it? Read our DPD review HERE.

All in all, Brisqq is the best option for delivery-based businesses.

In fact, it’s one of the best same-day couriers in London.

And you may think we’re biased.

But if you’re goal is to:

Deliver to your customers

Reliably and accurately


Then you’re biased towards Brisqq, too.

Still, we don’t want to be overly presumptuous.


How Do We Enable Your Customers to Book Their Deliveries on Your Website?

The answer is simple:

Brisqq for e-Commerce.

Brisqq e-Commerce is designed for online shops. It lets customers choose and book same-day or future-date deliveries at checkout on your sales channel with Brisqq. And it works both if you sell goods online via a web store on your site or a dedicated ecommerce platform like Magento or WooCommerce.

So instead of receiving an order, and then booking a delivery via your Brisqq account, you allow customers to do it themselves. Without skipping a beat.

This creates a seamless online shopping experience.

From purchase, through delivery request, to pick-up and drop off at the customer’s doorstep.

That makes it more convenient to buy and order goods from your store.

Which means there’s less frustration among customers.

And fewer instances where customers decide to abandon their shopping carts.

Simply put:

Conversion rates go through the roof.

It also means that you don’t have to invest a lot of money or build a delivery from scratch.

And you can instead rely on an established courier fleet in London to do the job for you.


How Does Brisqq E-Commerce Work?

Brisqq E-Commerce is a software plug-in.

The plug-in relies on API integration. This lets our tech team or your site developer add a string of code to your online sales platform, which creates a delivery booking platform at checkout.

Which enables your customers to self-book deliveries ON YOUR WEB STORE.

This is HUGE!

All your customers have to do is:

Go to your website.

Browse your product offer.

Find and pick out an item that they want to buy.

Proceed to checkout.

And before they buy it, THEY CAN BOOK A DELIVERY.

All they have to do is select the date of the delivery.

(We offer future-date and same-day delivery.)

And find an available 1-hour timeslot that works for them.

Best of all, the booking platform is only visible to customers whose postcode is within the Brisqq delivery zone.

Which means that customers outside of London don’t see the option to book a delivery.

So you’ll never disappoint anyone that’s outside of the capital.

The delivery request is then processed automatically.

Both you and the customer are notified about the request.

While all you have to do is prepare the order for pick-up.

And that’s it.

We do all the rest:

A Brisqq courier arrives at your physical store, depot location, or warehouse in London.

Picks up the item.

And delivers it to the customer’s doorstep.

The delivery is tied to your account, so you get invoiced for all deliveries that we handle at the end of the month.


At each stage of the delivery, you also have total transparency over the process with status updates and notifications (which you can set up yourself):

And there’s also live, on-map tracking. Which lets you and YOUR CUSTOMER see the delivery and its location on the map in real-time:

Once the order is complete, you and the customer can rate the delivery experience.

And you can review each delivery to ensure quality at all times.

How to Get Started with Brisqq?

Get in touch with Brisqq. Fill out a quick form and we’ll get back to you in less than 2 minutes.

One of our support staff is always on call with a tailor-made offer for your business or a quote that’s in line with your delivery needs and your budget.

Imagine what you want your delivery to look like…

And start delivering that experience to your customers today!