How a Flower Delivery in London Used Brisqq to Boost Sales by 70%

How a Flower Delivery in London Used Brisqq to Boost Sales by 70%

If you want to boost flower sales (FAST) there’s one thing you need to know:

Traditional flower shops in London don’t have nearly the same juice that they used to.


What CAN florists in London offer that gets people to fork over more money on flowers?

Flower delivery.

Specifically, you should let people order flowers online in London.

It’s a simple strategy that can instantly increase your flower sales by 70%.

(And in some cases even more than that.)

And in today’s post we’re going to show you the exact step-by-step process that you should use.

With a use case example that helped one of our customers do exactly that.

Let’s jump right in.

Not Everyone Wants to Visit Your Flower Shop in London (And What They Want to Do Instead)

Londoners aren’t buying so many flowers anymore.

At least not at the physical store.

That’s why more than 600 high street florists have closed their shops over the past six years. (Financial Times)


On average a person living in the UK spends £36 on flowers (£28 on cut flowers and £8 on indoor plants). (Flowers & Plants Association)

So while people may not be buying flowers as before. There is still money to be made as a florist in London.

In fact, the UK’s fresh cut flowers and indoor plant market is worth £2.2 billion at retail level. (Flowers & Plants Association)

But where is all of that money coming from?

In a recent post, we told you that:

E-commerce is booming in the UK with a current value of online sales at £46.2 billion.

And that’s good news for flower shops in London.

In fact:

Nearly 70% of florists in the UK had experienced an increase in online sales in 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. (British Floral Association)

UK Florists survey

So people are still buying flowers in London.

They’re just doing it more and more online.

But to let customers order flowers online, there’s one key thing that you have to have:

A flower delivery in London.

And that’s where Brisqq comes into play…

A Courier Service Tailor-Made for Flower Delivery in London

Bloomsbury Flowers is a retail flower shop in Covent Garden in Central London.


Their work includes creating hand-tied bouquets and floral arrangements for customers on various occasions, such as birthdays or weddings.

Or as gifts on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. But also supplying and delivering flowers for different events: from weddings and intimate dinner parties to corporate events and product launches.

In 2016, Brisqq was approached by Bloomsbury Flowers.


At that time Bloomsbury Flowers had a problem of offering courier options to their customers in London.

They either had to:

Call several companies and check the availability of couriers to deliver flowers at a specific time.


Book deliveries at a premium price so they could send beautiful and fresh flowers to customers on time.

Neither of which was practical.

And it certainly wasn’t the delivery experience they or their customers wanted.

So how did Brisqq solve this problem?

First, Bloomsbury Flowers were able to offer one-hour delivery slots to their customers with Brisqq.

This meant that customers could now order flowers for special occasions or events.

And book a delivery from the available time slots and a time that best suited their needs.

Second, the staff at Bloomsbury could pre-book a delivery for a future date.

This made it easier for them to plan flower deliveries around booked-in events.

So, for example, they could book a van or several vans for larger events, such as weddings.

Third, Brisqq was an immediate hit with them and their customers because it’s easy to use.

It takes just four to five clicks to book a delivery.

And both the staff at Bloomsbury and the customer receive an email notification.

With both a confirmation following pick-up and drop-off.

So there’s total transparency for everyone involved throughout the delivery process.

And in the words of Bloomsbury Flowers’ Director and Co-Founder, Mark Welford:

“It’s completely foolproof.”

To watch the full testimonial, click here.

Here’s the craziest part…

One Courier Service. 70% Increase in Flower Deliveries.

If you count all of the ways you can book a delivery in London using Brisqq, like in-store:


From your brisqq account:


And let customers self-book deliveries on your website:


(Not to mention directly contacting you via phone, text, email, and social media.)

You have a total of 10 different channels where your customers can order, receive, and send flowers in London.

All within one-hour time slots.

But that one courier service that you’ve added to handle your deliveries now accounts for 100% of all new orders gives you two ways to handle flower delivery bookings:

  • Booking from your account
  • Letting customers self-book deliveries

And making it available across all your channels of communication boosts your sales up to 70%.

Think about that for a second.

Using one courier service gives you two ways of how you and your customers book flower deliveries.

Crazy, right?

How to Get More Customers to Order Flowers in London?

At this point you’re probably wondering:

“OK, I’m ready to start using Brisqq. How do I start?”

Here’s a breakdown of the 5-step process:

Step #1: Sign-up to a Brisqq account.

Step #2: Start booking deliveries in store.

Step #3: Integrate your web store with Brisqq.

Step #4: Enable customers to self-book deliveries.

Step #5: Never disappoint your customers.

Now let’s dive into how you can add this sales-generating machine to your business.

Step #1: Sign-up to a Brisqq account.

To sign up to Brisqq, click this link.

You’ll have to fill in our quick form:


Once you’re done, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us.

You can then log into your account on the website:


Once logged in, you get access to the dashboard:


Here you can start booking your deliveries.

But for the best possible setup, you should contact our support team.

You can do that here.

Once we get a better understanding of what you need, you can get started.

Step #2: Start booking deliveries in store.

To book a delivery from your store, the process is simple.

All you have to do is log into your account.

That gives you access to your dashboard.

Once here, you’ll have several delivery options.

First, you can do is to book 1-hour timelsot directly from the dashboard:


You can use these for same-day flower delivery in London.

You fill in the pick-up and drop-off destinations.


The package information.

Add a “Ready by” time when the courier can pick up the package.

And select an available 1-hour drop-off timeslot.

The same-day deliveries are priced according to the straight-line distance between the pick-up and drop-off destinations.

You can also use 1-hour deliveries to schedule delivery returns.

Or recurring deliveries.

Second, you can book future date deliveries.

This is a good option to deliver flowers for scheduled events.

So florists in London can pre-book vans for big events such as weddings and parties.

Third, you can book multi-drop deliveries for non time-sensitive deliveries.


All of the deliveries have to share the same pickup address.

For example, from your flower store.

Unlike one-hour timeslot deliveries, multidrop deliveries use one-hour pickup timeslots:

You’ll have to enter your:

  • 1-hour pickup timeslot
  • Vehicle type
  • Package information

That’s it.

The deliveries are then fulfilled by a single courier and vehicle in an uninterrupted sequence.

Then, you can click on the “Optimize route” button:


This will optimise the route in the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

You’ll also receive the price for the deliveries.

And an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the entire delivery list.

When part of the leg is finished, you can re-order the deliveries with drag-and-drop:


This helps you to stay on top of your customers’ demands.

Step #3: Integrate your web store with Brisqq.

With Brisqq, you can also let customers book a delivery in London from your website.

This, in itself, can optimise your delivery and raise profits by 56%.

And this option works both if you deliver from your flower shop.

But also if you want to run an online flower delivery in London.

This is known as Brisqq e-Commerce. And here’s how it works:

Brisqq for e-commerce is a software plug-in.

It uses API integration to connect your online flower shop to your Brisqq delivery booking platform:

This works with your website. Or online sales platforms like Magento and WooCommerce.


Plus the integration can be white-labeled.

To resemble the checkout at your online flower shop.

So you can offer a seamless delivery experience to your online customers.

And they remain unaware of the fact that you’re using Brisqq to deliver flowers to them.

Step #4: Enable customers to self-book deliveries.

Simply put:

Brisqq for e-commerce lets your customers self-book deliveries.

Once at checkout, this feature enables your customers to self-book deliveries ON YOUR SITE.


And it takes anyone just a few clicks to book a flower delivery.

Customers simply have to:

#1 Choose a delivery date

#2 Select an available one-hour timeslot

#3 Enter the drop-off address

#4 Confirm the delivery

And that’s it.

The delivery is automatically processed and sent to your account.

While both you and your customers receive a notification about the delivery request.

That means all you have to do is prepare the delivery for the scheduled pick-up.

Once ready, a brisqq courier arrives at your flower store.

Picks up the flowers.

And delivers them to the customer’s doorstep.


Best of all:

If the postcode is outside of the Brisqq delivery zone (outside London), those customers don’t see the option to book a delivery.

So your customers beyond London’s city limits are never disappointed.

Step #5: Never disappoint your customers.

This is HUGE!

With Brisqq delivery in London, you’ll never disappoint your customers.


First, you get a reliable local flower delivery that lets you:

  • Offer same-day deliveries in London
  • Book with precise one-hour time slots
  • Schedule multi-drop deliveries
  • Optimize routes to save time and money
  • Offer customers to self-book deliveries

Second, it’s a customer-centric courier service in London.

With whatever delivery option, Brisqq provides other essential features.

Like delivery notifications to both our clients and your customers:


For complete visibility over the delivery life cycle.

Delivery tracking:


So you stay on top of each order until it arrives at its destination.

Proof of delivery:


That provides delivery confirmation and backup verification for you and your staff.

(All of which you can easily review from your account.)

Third, Brisqq already works successfully with florists and retail flower shops.

With an excellent track record of allowing customers to send flowers in London.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what Bloomsbury Flowers’ Co-Founder, Mark Welford had to say about us:

“I would recommend Brisqq to anybody. Brisqq are fantastic. We would recommend them to other florists, greatly. It has actually changed our lives.”

Finally, it boosts your sales by 70%.

The multiple delivery options together and customer amenities makes it easy and reliable for you or your customers to book deliveries in London.

Plus, route optimisation drives your costs down.

Lower cost of delivery = More deliveries.

And more deliveries means greater profit.


Are you ready to start delivering flowers with Brisqq?

How to Get Started with Brisqq?

Get in touch with Brisqq. Fill out a quick form and we’ll get back to you in less than 2 minutes.

One of our support staff is always on call with a tailor-made offer for your business or a quote that’s in line with your delivery needs and your budget.

Imagine what you want your delivery to look like…

And start delivering that experience to your customers today!