Use cases

Explore how Brisqq is already transforming local delivery for close to 1,000 customers, across a whole multitude of verticals, enabling them with the flexibility and convenience of delivery in 1-hour time slots, same day, next day or any specified future date.


  • Deliver your customer’s fashion and beauty purchases to their home or office
  • Rotate merchandise efficiently between different retail locations
  • Same-day delivery for your online store through Brisqq E-Commerce
  • “Brisqq allows us to reliably, precisely and cost-effectively move stock within London.”

    Elliot Mason,
    Director at Masons & Sons

    Fashion & Beauty
    Using Brisqq's unique platform, fashion and beauty businesses are able to provide a 'hands-free shopping' service by offering delivery from their store to the customer’s home, office or hotel. Customers increasingly do not want to be weighed down with bags and may abandon purchases that they do not want to carry meaning you may lose the sale. Help customers convert in your stores by providing them with the convenience that they desire. Additionally, businesses are now able to utilise Brisqq’s unique precision delivery solution to rotate merchandise between multiple locations on a one-off or recurring basis.

    Inventory needed in one location is easily moved with the help of our platform. This is suitable both for the regular movement of merchandise but also for individual pieces that have been requested by customers, in different sizes or colours, for example. What’s more, our service expands beyond the limits of physical retail through our e-commerce plug-in for WooCommerce and Magento and unlocks same-day delivery and returns for the world of online retail as well.