Use cases

Explore how Brisqq is already transforming local delivery for close to 1,000 customers, across a whole multitude of verticals, enabling them with the flexibility and convenience of delivery in 1-hour time slots, same day, next day or any specified future date.


  • Secure document delivery from your office to other offices
  • Distribute PR collateral
  • Secure document / package delivery to your clients
  • “Our media work has never been so simple, efficient and reliable. Our staff and our resources are always on the move and Brisqq provides our business with the service we need to thrive.”

    Managing Director at PR Agency

    Professional Services
    Brisqq offers a comprehensive range of delivery solutions for a whole multitude of professional services businesses including: marketing and advertising agencies, management consultancies, banks, wealth management firms as well as law firms and accountants. Urgent and critical delivery of documents, letters, contracts are possible via the Brisqq platform. Equally, the platform is the perfect solution for moving PR and marketing materials around the city. Businesses can rely on transparent tracking, the ultimate in security (2 sided unique codes, one at pickup, one at dropoff) and are able to ensure as a result that the items arrive at the right place, at the right time.