Technology and bricks and mortar: How marrying the two can lead to an increase in sales

Although online sales are growing at a rate of 19.5 percent year-on-year, the majority of retail purchases still occur in bricks and mortar stores.

Many pure play eCommerce businesses have demonstrated that the physical shopping experience cannot be matched online. Amazon trialed six physical bookstores and six more are on the way this year thanks to their success. Farfetch has begun digitising the in-store experience via a “Store of the Future” platform which records customers’ likes and dislikes to provide sales assistants with the information they need in order to offer a more ‘tailored’ service in-store.

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Reduce basket abandonment, in store and online, by giving your customers choice

In the past, retailers had always seen delivery as something boring that ‘had’ to happen after the real work (i.e. the transaction) had occurred. Delivery from store was something pretty much unheard of and was handled, in niche cases, by a shop assistant physically delivering items to high value customers. Delivery from online channels has existed for many years; however, it was (and in many cases still is), something that is handled with ‘heavy logistics’: next day, un-timed (at best) delivery from out of town warehouse, traditional fulfilment via a well-known national carrier, etc.

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